Our Mission

To shape and tailor effective and impactful graphic content which brings strategic value for businesses and consumers, and propels our clients’ growth and mission.

Our Approach

We follow the four phase approach with a total of ten steps for every project. Each project follows the process of Creative Brief, Research, Brainstorming, Thumbnails, Mood Boarding, Design Building, Refining, Presenting, Revisions and Final Artwork Delivery.

Our Stories

Our stories are never about us. The testimonials shared by our clients make our story. We take pride in sharing their success stories while we stand behind and applaud.

Our Philosophy

We believe in working in collaboration with our clients with utmost integrity and transparency forming a team where each can trust the other.

About Mustard
At Mustard we believe design extends beyond skill, to passion and intelligent creation, reflecting in our every artwork. We pride ourselves in our Agency-Client relationship, truly understanding your business and tailoring a brand design that echoes your values and goals for your company. We not only enhance the marketing strategy and images of existing brands, but also build brands up from ground zero. In choosing to work with us you will find that we are more than just a design studio, and in fact provide an all encompassing communications package, walking you through every step of the journey of business development. We measure ourselves against our clients’ success.
Right from inception, we have been very clear that we are a ‘no frills’ agency, our only emphasis being:
1. Great design
2. Sound strategy
3. Fast delivery
Our clientele has grown sizeably over our years in the field and each gives us more experience to add value to the next client. We have worked with companies across India and globally. Our client base includes Restaurants, Hotels, IT Firms, Home Decor, Jewellery, Insurance Firms, FMCG, Travel and Tourism, Building and Construction, Beauty and Salon, Market Research Firms. 

Design to me is like Mustard, the flavour that adds the zing. The Seasoning. The excitement of creating a product from abstract ideas or concepts brought to us by our clients and shaping them to communicate very definitive ideas through very fluid forms and components is what drives me. My motto is “Keep Smiling, It makes the world wonder what you’re up to.” It is because of this love for the out of the ordinary, the zing, that I got the name ‘The Mustard Maker’ by my coworkers. My work is to me, an extension of myself and I work every project to perfection.

Anjali Menrai-Mustard Maker

Being a Creative Director with 30 years experience under my belt, my journey began with a BFA from Sophia Polytechnic, and a BA (Hons) Information Design, specialising in Electronic Media, from University of Sunderland, UK. I began my advertising career at Lintas Advertising then moving on to Speer Communications. After studying away in UK, I returned to work at Tata Interactive as Head Designer, conceptualising and managing the execution of some of the most prestigious digital projects for the biggest national and international brands and services. In the course of my interaction with clients, I became aware of the dire need for a niche personalised design studio, away from generalised ideas. There the seed of the idea that was Mustard was sown. Lean in terms of size, but large in our outlook, we are a design house that thinks on its feet and delivers fast.